Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Love is No More

Though this post has got nothing in taste with our Blog, I decided to give it a life. I wrote these lines a few years back when I was on board a ship and had a tough day. Hope you'd like it....

--once upon a time there was a prince charming who wrote following lines

I was quite happy earlier,
when I did not cross this barrier.
No difference was between rose, cactus and marigold,
still curse the moment, I came at that threshold.
Don't want myself to be a part of history,
I need a calm and peace full life rather than a mystery.
Was a free bird roaming here and there,
sometimes with a reason, sometimes simply nowhere.
Think twice before climbing this tree,
its really dear but pain comes free.
With a reason to smile, also get a reason to worry,
take your time pal, life is too long, no need to hurry.
It hurts really bad when you're miles apart,
why, why, why, that's the sound of your lonely heart.
It fails and you end up doing a nasty thing,
greenery is all gone, that's the downfall of another spring.

By- Ashish Pandey

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