Friday, July 29, 2011

Vikram and Betaal

One day while I was doing some important work and which rarely happens, I received a call from a friend. I put my work aside and took his call. Our earlier conversations used to be like 3-5 mins affair but that day it stretched past 30 mins. More shocking were the ingredients of our this little talk and I'd better not let them go public. It was at the end of the call when I realized the reason behind his call. It had a striking similarity with the old "Vikram and Betaal" stories. Those who like me were fond of 'Chandamama' at some stage in their life can certainly recollect the line  Safar bahut lamba hai Vikram, chalo mein tumhe ek kahani sunata hun where Betaal used to narrate stories to Vikram for killing time during their journey. My friend was on his way to office and the moment he reached his office call ended abruptly. 

Thanks to the telecom revolution we no longer need a Betaal and thus a  heavy payload to carry on our shoulders to pass time when traveling. Well I don't know the exact weight of Mr Betaal but taking into account the pictures of him in 'Chandamama', could round it to 80 Kgs. All you need today is a cellphone and a friend who can bear you for that period. A cellphone serves duel purpose. If you have plenty of balance you can always find a friend to talk to and when you are out of money FM is always at your service. Gone are the days when people used to have a discussion with fellow passengers in a train or bus. Today you step out of your house and can see 5 out of 7 youngsters either on a call or FM.

 If Vikram and Betaal were from this age, imagine the picture with Betaal on Vikram's shoulders.Vikram is having a latest iphone in his hand. Poor Betaal is not allowed to say a single word and his mouth is gagged. Of course a pug would be following them !!

- Ashish Pandey